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Galapagos land based tours

Galapagos Island hopping or land tour packages combine several of the larger inhabited islands (Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela or Floreana) using multiple hotel bases into a single trip.

Waved Albatross Bird sits in nest with her chick, Galapagos Islands - Ecuador

Galapagos Land Tours – 8D/7N

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Nazca Masked Booby Bird sits on top of a tourist sign, Galapagos Islands - Ecuador

Galapagos Land Tours – 7D/6N

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Flying Tropic Bird with red beak and blue ocean backdrop, Galapagos Islands - Ecuador

Galapagos Land Tours – 6D/5N

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Galapagos Blue footed booby - Ecuador

Galapagos Land Tours – 5D/4N

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Mocking Bird, Galapagos Islands - Ecuador

Highlights of Isabela – 5D/4N

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Highlights of Galapagos island hopping tours

  • More free time to explore towns by yourselves, or for souvenir shopping.
  • Quality rest & relaxation time at beautiful beaches.
  • Freedom to sample local night-life, and dine out at restaurants in the evenings.
  • The comfort of a hotel bed waiting for you each night.

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