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Galapagos Island Cruises

The best way to discover the true diversity of the Galapagos islands is on a live-aboard cruise

Luxurious yachts, comprehensive itineraries & experienced naturalist guides. Come aboard with us to explore the best wildlife, & most stunning scenery at Galapagos.


What is a Galapagos cruise?

  • A Galapagos cruise is a live-aboard experience, so you sleep and eat aboard a yacht for the duration of your tour.
  • At night the yacht sails between different islands, so you wake up somewhere new each day, ready to explore.
  • Daily tours are made to Galapagos National Park visitor sites, with an English-speaking naturalist guide.
  • Activities on the cruise include trekking, wildlife viewing and snorkeling / swimming. Some yachts also carry kayaks.

How to choose between the different Galapagos yachts?

To choose the perfect Galapagos cruise you should consider:

  • Yacht type (cruise ship, small motor yacht, catamaran or motor sailor)
  • Your trip budget
  • Yacht availabilities for your travel dates
  • Cruise itinerary
  • Yacht amenities & comfort


It can quickly become overwhelming with so many options. That’s why we recommend getting in touch with Happy Gringo.

Let our experienced team of Galapagos Gurus take all the stress out of making your Galapagos cruise choice.

Together we can find your perfect Galapagos cruise!

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