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Super Deluxe Gringo cruises are the ultimate in top-end Galapagos cruises, the cream of the cream for luxury travellers.

These yachts boast spacious cabins and social areas, tip-top service, quality food and great guides (level II or III). Quite simply there is no better cruise experience at the Galapagos Islands!

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Use the following table to compare the different Galapagos yachts that Happy Gringo offer in this class, and click on each link for more detailed information about each yacht.

Find your dream Galapagos tour:

Galapagos Yacht Name Style Capacity Guide Level Referencial price Recommended
Alia Alia C 16 II-III $6,145
Eclipse Celebrity Xperience CS 48 II-III $6,700
Evolution Evolution CS 32 III $5,780
Grace Grace MY 16 III $6,750
Galapagos Sea Star Journey Galapagos Sea Star Journey MY 16 III $5,499 (6 days)
Isabela II Isabela II CS 40 III $4,902 (7 days)
La Pinta La Pinta CS 48 III $6,204
Legend Legend CS 100 II-III $3,606
Majestic Majestic MY 16 II-III $5,645
Natural Paradise Natural Paradise MY 16 II-III $6,545
Ocean Spray Ocean Spray C 16 III $6,550
Petrel Petrel C 16 III $6,880 N/A
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz CS 90 III $4,505 (6 days)

Price: is based on standard starting rates for an 8 day cruise (where available). Note that special rates may run for certain dates of the year so do check with our sales team.

Style: MY = Motor Yacht, MS = Motor Sailor, C = Catamaran, CS = cruise ship.

Total number of passengers aboard (not including crew).

The Galapagos National Park authority rates naturalist guide according to 3 levels. Level I is usually competent but inexperienced, level II has more years of experience, level III has excellent experience.

Recommended: Boats are rated by us from 1 to 3 thumbs-up based upon feedback of our past clients.

Sometimes recommended by past clients
Often recommended
Almost always recommended

All information is provided to Happy Gringo by each Galapagos yacht operators and is correct at time of publishing. Happy Gringo endeavour to keep information up to date but are not responsible for any subsequent changes made by either yacht operators or the Galapagos National Park Authority.

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