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Quito Airport Transfers

On 20th February 2013 the new Quito airport opened offering improved services for travellers and a longer runway suitable for bigger aircraft which will open up new routes into Ecuador's capital city.

The old airport was inside the city limits (less than 30 minutes from old or new town Quito) and transfer costs were reasonable (approx $15 per transfer) so we were able to offer the service of an organised pickup / dropoff to our clients. However, the new airport is much further outside of the city (approx 1 to 2 hours transfer depending on traffic) and transfer costs with the recognised service providers are much higher ($50+) which we do not consider to be good value for our clients - as a result we will unfortunately no longer be offering pre-organised airport pickup or dropoff services for transfer into the city.

We therefore recommend the following transport alternatives:

1) PUBLIC TAXI - yellow public taxis can be found waiting outside of the arrivals area, they should have a red sticker in the front window with a three or four digit number to prove that they are officially registered. Fares depend on which area of the city you wish to travel to but will typically fall between $25-35 per service - there is a sign in the airport stating the permitted rates per area of the city. Travelling from the hotel to the airport is just as easy - your hotel receptionist will be able to book / call a taxi for you; rates again should fall between $25-35 but it is best to check with the receptionist before booking.

2) SPECIALISED AIRPORT TRANSFER - there is a specialised counter in the arrivals area if you wish to reserve a private taxi instead of taking a public one outside. Rates will be higher.

3) BUS - there are two bus services in operation: Aeroservicios operate every 1/2 hour, 24 hours per day, direct to the old airport, cost $8 per person. Green public buses also operate to the Rio Coca Ecovia station or to Quitumbe bus terminal with stops on route, buses run until 22:00 each night, $2 adult fare. Unfortunately neither of these services run to the more popular La Mariscal (new town) or Centro (old town) touirst areas.

When planning your travel it is important to remember that standard check-in times are 3 hours (international) and 90 minutes (domestic) so remember to plan your travel with the increased journey times into Quito.

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