Weekly Events in Quito

The Big List of Weekly Events in Quito

Weekly events in Quito go beyond the normal quips published online and in print and take you into the vibrant culture of the capital city. A thriving local art, music, food, and social scene welcomes visitors who go off the beaten path and dive into the neighborhoods that make discovering the city an urban adventure. Keep reading for the big list of weekly and monthly events that take place in fun spots that put you side-by-side with locals and travelers alike.

Finn McCool’s Tuesday Night Pub Quiz for Local Dreamers

Over a decade ago Finn McCools opened their doors as the authentic Irish bar in the center of the Mariscal district of Quito. One of their premier weekly events is the Tuesday night Pub Quiz for charity.

The most recent instalment helps Ecuador Dreamers– a pro-active non-profit that works to implement self-sustaining projects for children within local communities.

Weekly Events in Quito -Finn McCool’s

Members of the grass roots organization are on hand to help with the quiz and answer questions about their work and volunteer opportunities that make a meaningful difference.

Tables fill up quickly  and the proceedings start at 8:30pm  There are bar prizes for first, second, and third prize. For more information, check the Finn McCool’s Facebook page.


DJ & Crepe Nights

Weekly Events in Quito - Delicias de Benito.

Benoit Chatel is a French chef that teams up with local hip spots to feed hungry patrons while DJs kick it until the party gets going. The crepes come from family recipes, and the events take you away from the tourist attractions and into the vibrant up-and-coming culture of neighborhoods like La Floresta and the Historic Center. For information about events and their location, check the Facebook page of Delicias de Benito.


Bandido  Brewing and Bandidos del Paramo

Bandido Brewing in the Old Town and the two locations of Bandidos del Paramo in the New Town are the places to go if you’re looking for local microbrews, great American-style pub grub, and fun times with a mix of local expats, teachers, and travelers.

Weekly Events in Quito -Bandido  Brewing

The three places have weekly events that include music nights that benefit local charities. These are fun nights that help non-profit organizations like Romp and Cenit continue to work to provide prosthetic limbs to those in need and education and support to the often overlooked kids of the markets in Quito.

For information about weekly events and those that benefit those in need in Quito and Ecuador, check the Bandido Brewing and Bandidos Del Paramo Facebook pages in the Mariscal and on Whymper.


Bungalow 6

Weekly Events in Quito -Bungalow 6

Bungalow 6 is another stalwart of the Mariscal district of Quito that puts on weekly events and nights for local non-profits.  Wednesday nights are Ladies Nights with free drinks, hip Djs that get the three story club hopping, and a fun crowd that lasts until the last song is spun. 

Language Exchange at Mexicali Baja Grill

The Big List of Weekly Events in Quito

Tuesday nights at Mexicali are reserved for relaxing and practicing your Spanish with locals, expats, and other travellers. The hip hotspot offers drink specials that compliment the hearty selection of LA style mexican food and some of the best wings in Quito. Other fun weekly events include NFL Sundays and a local poker night on Saturdays. For more information, check their Facebook page.


Monday Night Djs at Dirty Sanchez

Weekly Events in Quito -Dirty Sanchez

Dirty Sanchez is an in-the-know spot in the Mariscal that hosts local talent each week in a small, bohemian spot that attracts locals who want a less frenzied place to relax and enjoy the night. This is a hub for the artists and musicians of the city, and past events include poker and crepes nights. For information about who’s appearing when, check out the events section of their Facebook page.


Ocho y Medio

Ocho y Medio was started by a man from France with a passion for film. The art house movie theater, restaurant, and coffee house is in the center of La Floresta district of Quito. The neighborhood is home to a film school, small artesian shops, and a growing number of the city’s artists and musicians.

The theater focuses on independent films and have weekly showings that include festivals of Ecuadorian movies. The three showing rooms also host local bands for acoustic nights that get the room bouncing. 

Weekly Events in Quito -Ocho y Medio


La Oficina

La Oficina in the San Blas neighborhood of the historic center is the place where weekly events alternate between classic movies, salsa lessons, and blues and jazz bands that take place in their full size, old-school movie theater behind the small restaurant and bar. The food includes Buffalo-style wings from the home town of the expat owner, and the house microbrews on  revolving taps are made in small batches. Events and specials are posted weekly via Facebook.

Weekly Events in Quito - La oficina



Ananké Cocina Guapuleña is the original incarnation of a local hipster hot spot in the low key neighborhood of Guapulo. The cobble stone streets that lead down to one of the city’s grand churches draw people from all over the city on weekends to bask under the stars on outdoor patios while enjoying the view over the valley below.

Weekly Events in Quito - Ananke

Weekly music events feature musicians that play sets from across the varied range of genres that are found in Quito. Pizza, lasagna, house specialties, sandwiches, and hearty salads keep people coming back- and local microbrews, a good selection of wine, and canlazos often keep you there until the closing hours of the night. Events and musicians are posted on the Ananké Cocina Guapuleña Facebook page.

Weekly Events in Quito - - Ananke


The capital city of Ecuador is a  blend of tradition, a thriving art and music scene, and a restaurant culture that is constantly on the rise. For more information about weekly events in Quito and options for exploring other parts of Ecuador, contact a member of our team. 

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