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The Best Burgers in Quito-8 Places that Cross the Divide

Finding a burger in Quito is as easy as walking down a street in most neighborhoods until a mom and pop restaurant appears- to authentically appreciate burgers in the city you should definitely try this once before moving forward. Fried eggs, French fries, and chips are often garnishes-as is store-bought ham, avocado, and an intriguing variety of sauces that often leaves you wondering why.

The capital is quick to adapt, and in recent years a stronghold of gourmet burger eateries, and good old-tried and-true burger joints have caught on around town. Keep reading for eight places to find the best burgers in Quito.

Inka Burger

First started as a food truck in a city-wide trend that witnessed the birth of food courts across Quito, Inca Burger is now proudly presents a brick-and-mortar location near Plaza Foch.

best burgers in quito - Inka Burger

The burger choices are a well-rounded mix of savory and sweet, and the sauces to choose from make it a weekly visit for locals and travelers in the city. Jack Daniels BBQ, an incredible beer-and-cheese sauce, blue cheese, real bacon, and grilled pineapple take burgers to a new depth. For those with a big appetite, the four-cheese, four-meat burger will present a challenge and the fries with different toppings can help fill the void when thinking about ordering more.


Plaza Foch, La Mariscal

La Burguesa

La Burguesa was one of the first of the growing circle of gourmet burger places in Quito. Located on a quiet street in the restaurant district close to Hotel Quito, the low-key eatery does burgers the way that others approach classic cuisine.

Brie, blue cheese, Gruyère, cheddar, and camembert have a place on the menu, as do roasted red peppers, bacon, carmelized onions and pears, foie gras, pesto, and Granny Smith apples.

Choices of sides seal the deal with truffle oil chips, onion rings done just right, and salads that don’t trifle around when it comes to ingredients and dressings.

Muros, N27-193 y Gonzalez Suarez



La Piedra Cantuña Café Lounge

Tucked away on a quiet but lively Street in the bohemian and historic San Marcos neighborhood in the historic center, La Piedra Cantuña is a local’s favorite for good food and fun company. The menu includes big burgers with all the toppings and relishes, tacos, and vegetarian options.

Calle Junin, San Marcos

best burgers in quito - La piedra de cantuña




For one of the best vegetarian burgers and homemade, set lunches daily- Govinda’s in the place to find fresh food  with takeout items available.

Best burgers in Quito - Govinda's

This is a grassroots, Krishna-run place, the menu changes frequently- one item available the day before won’t appear again until the next rotation.

Esmeraldas Oe3-119 y Venezuela



Finn McCools

The burgers at Finn McCools in the Mariscal masquerade as pub grub, but after seeing a few go out over the bar it becomes apparent that all is not what it seems.

best burgers in quito - Finn McCoolsBacon, cheese, fresh veggies, and thick- cut fries take the edge off, while other menu items including Irish Stew, Shepard’s pie, quinoa soup, and chili cheese fries make this often packed place a normal stop for great grub and fun company for travelers and locals alike.


Kings Cross

Kings Cross is an institution in Quito, having been in business serving burgers and wings for over twenty years. Ground beef patties are prepared using a house mix of spices, and the open-flamed burgers bring families, celebrities, and some of Quito’s elite to the dimly-lit tables surrounded by classic rock memorabilia. Burgers come in all sizes, and the recipe for the house bbq is a well-guarded secret that has people asking for more at every table.

best burgers in quito - King Cross


Hamburguesas de Rusty

Rusty’s Hamburgers is another well-known spot to find real hamburgers in Quito-Rusty, an American expat, is a local character and frequently visits his restaurants to chat with customers and make sure things are up to the standards that brought his chain of restaurants a loyal following.

best burgers in quito - Hamburgesas de RustyServing classic burgers, chili dogs, french fries, and onion rings in a comfortable, friendly place, Rusty’s draws locals in search of good food away from the other chains in the city. It’s worth finding when craving a good old-fashioned burger.

Av. Los Shyris and Rio Coca


Hot Dogs de la Gonzalez Suarez

Hot Dogs de la Gonzalez Suarez is another Quito institution hidden-in plain-sight at several locations across the city. It’s a classic hot dog joint that brings people to a stand still in the streets nightly-and has a growing collection of burgers that have given new allowances to it’s reputation.

best burgers in quito - Hotdogs de la Gonzalez

Jalapeno and cheddar, bacon, and a good mix of typical combinations including chicken burgers bring new twists on the classics, while staying with the fast food fun of the original.

Gonzalo Suarez


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