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The Traditions of the Galapagos-Post Office Bay

Discovering the tradition of Post Office Bay is one of the highlights of a trip to Floreana Island. What it symbolizes and puts a point on is this; we all travel in search of that instantly recognized camaraderie between those on the same road, an aspect of the journey that pulls us off of the beaten path and into the  arms of the unknown.

As the legend tells it, whalers in 1793 left a wooden whiskey barrel  with mail for loved ones inside before leaving the archipelago to embark on two-year journeys. As word got out, returning ships would make the same stop for provisions and fresh water, checking for missives to those who lived nearby their hometowns in Europe and the States.

This is the heart of travel at its best, strangers helping each other in the spirit of doing what they love; a story that is still unfolding today in the islands.

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The Wildlife of the Galapagos

A journey to the Galapagos Islands is a fun immersion into the endemic animals that call the archipelago home. Few other places in the world have such a diversity of species that vie for the attention around every turn.

The remote location of the islands is an enclave of nature where predators are in short supply. This lends itself to seeing animals that aren’t afraid of encounters with people, making the trip unlike those to other natural hotspots.

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