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5 Travel Apps that Make the Grade-Digital Wins for Travelers in Ecuador

Ecuador has long remained in the wake of digital advancements. Until a few years ago, smartphones weren’t found in abundance around the country, websites were more often than not created by the individuals that they represented, and even Google Maps seemed sluggish to chart the many regions of the country.

While internet speeds and the availability of some services pale in comparison with the world at large, there has been a shift towards digital solutions for travel that make exploring the country easier and more fun. Keep reading for five helpful apps for travelers in Ecuador.

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Activity Spotlight-Best Spas in Ecuador

Ecuador’s exotic landscapes set the stage for adventures into the deep jungle, along the Ruta del Sol on the coast, and through the cloud forests and mountains of the country.

These surroundings are also home to spas where volcanic spring water bubbles to the surface in pools overlooking lush hills, towering volcanoes, and distant vistas. Used for centuries and dating back to the people before the Inca, these literal hotspots are home to resorts that melt away the stress of travel and the routine of everyday life. Keep reading for a peek into three of the best spas in Ecuador to relax and rejuvenate while traveling in the small Andean country.

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