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Off the beaten path sites to visit in Ecuador

Ecuador has many areas that hold secret discoveries for those who take the journey. Within the countries small borders are swings over valleys, natural springs where local’s jump from the cliffs above, and small towns that lead to the cloud forest. Keep reading to find out more about off-the-beaten path sites in the country.

Swing at the End of the World, Banos

Located high above the town of Banos in the south of Ecuador, the swing at the end of the world offers adventurers a thrill that sends them soaring over the valley below. Safety belts ensure that no one goes over the edge, and the complex has a small café serving food and drinks. Taxis, tour operators, and a bus take you to the park from town, making the shortjourney for under five dollars.Swing at the End of the World, Banos


Las Grietas, Galapagos

Las Grietas is a series of natural pools on Santa Cruz Island, fed by a fresh water river on one side and salt water from cracks and tunnels below the water’s surface. It is a local’s favorite spot for cliff diving, and tourists who make the trek are often found snorkeling.

Take a water take to Angermeyer Point and walk down the beach to the trailhead next to Angermeyer Waterfront Inn. You will pass Playa de las Alemanes before heading past a lagoon and over a volcanic field that leads to the clear, calm, crystal waters of Las Grietas.

Las Grietas - Ecuador - off-the-beaten path sites


Mindo is a popular destination for day trips from Quito. It’s a small, quant town in the cloud forest, and boasts waterfalls, rafting, and exploring the nearby reserves. The town has a chocolate factory, where tours run daily that include tastings in each stage of the process. Mindo also has an astounding number of birds, making it a must see place for international bird watchers.Mindo - Ecuador - off-the-beaten path sites


Vilcabamba, located in the south of Ecuador close the border with Peru, sits in a valley surrounded by forests and reserves. It is another small town where people go to relax, explore on bikes, and sample some of the international restaurants in town. It is a forty-five minute trip by bus from the nearby Loja. One of its claim to fame is the age of its residents-many have lived to a hundred years of age. Over the last decade, more expats have moved to town, opening shops and restaurants in their wake.

Vilcabamba- Ecuador - off-the-beaten path sites


The Quilotoa Loop

The Quilotoa Loop takes you to the remote villages and town South of Quito. It is normally a three day affair with hiking, bus rides, and trucks which wind through the patchwork hills and valleys of the region. On different days of the week there are markets in the local communities, a great way to discover Ecuador’s regions away from the tourist areas.

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Quilotoa Loop - Ecuador - off-the-beaten path sites

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