Lab - Off the Beaten Path Restaurants in Quito

Off the Beaten Path Restaurants in Quito

Quito’s restaurant scene has bloomed in the last decade and put the capital on the map as an international foodie destination. Across the city you can find curry, classic French, Ecuadorian fusion, Middle Eastern, and Vietnamese restaurants that are pushing the edge when it comes to dining out.

With the explosion of options comes new trends that spread through the city. One of these is the advent of the pop-up restaurant. Keep reading for two hip pop-up and off-the-beaten path restaurants to try while you are in town.

Laboratorio Diseño y Gastronomia

 Laboratorio - Quito’s restaurant

Laboratorio Restaurant in Quito

Laboratorio is a new concept for Quito, it’s a converted wharehouse between the Mariscal and Floresta neighborhoods that hosts new chefs every few months. The talented culinary artists create menus from scratch, including a weekend brunch menu with creative and classic drinks. Past concepts include fusion bistro food, Bahn Mi sandwitches, and innovative international seafood menus.

Lizardo García E10-64 y Tamayo

Ceviche de Guapulo

Ceviche Guapulo - Quito’s restaurants

Ceviche Guapulo Restaurant in Quito

Located in the bohemian neighborhood of Guapulo that straddles the city and the valley of Cumbaya, Ceviche de Guapulo is a local’s secret that only opens on the weekends. The menu is Ecuadorian ceviche and fish. The small restaurant fills up with loyal patrons enjoying the afternoon with cold beer and delicious shrimp and fish ceviche on the open patio overlooking the valley below. Service continues until the food runs out. Getting there is half the fun; take a taxi to the first road past Hotel Quito on Gonzalez Suarez and turn down the hill. Take the road down into Guapulo, turning right when you get to the volleyball court. Stop right before the bend when you see the iron doors to the restaurant’s patio. If you reach the church, you’ve gone too far.

Camino De Orellana, Guapulo

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  1. Steve StClair

    We get to Quito to visit family about once a year or so. We’ve been to Los Ceviches de Guapalo three times and make it a point to go now every time we’re there. The view is amazing, the service is top notch, and the flat fish, I’m pretty sure it’s Sole is, oh man. perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious. Their ceviches are delicious, it all is. Absolutely put this on your must visit list.


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