Hacienda Cusin-A Family Adventure in the Northern Sierra of Ecuador

Hacienda Cusin- Otavalo Tours- Happy Gringo

Far away from the comings and goings of high-end hotels and their nods toward accommodating families, Hacienda Cusin, a traditional Spanish hacienda, is a refuge for travellers of all ages. Its off-the-beaten-path location and deep roots in Ecuadorian culture set the stage for an adventure that inspires the mind and invigorates the spirit. The hacienda and the adjacent El Monasterio are the yin to the other´s yang, both playing an important role for families using the comfortable complex as a base during their Otavalo tours.

Cusin’s expansive complex of rooms, grounds and gardens lead way to basketball courts, game rooms, stables and a squash court. Inside, reading rooms replace the intrusion of television, instead they offer a hand-picked and ever-growing selection of movies to watch on a big screen TV from comfy couches. Separate wings and suites allow for privacy, giving groups and families the room to gather, away from the common areas. Mountain bikes are also available for group excursions to nearby lakes and waterfalls.

Away from the main buildings, gardens and cottages of the hacienda, El Monasterio hosts weddings on weekends and conferences during the week, functioning as a separate space complete with its own living, dining and cooking areas. The maze of courtyards open into secluded spaces with expansive murals and intricate altars, taking guests back to the time where the Catholic Church was the center of art, literature, and philosophy.

Hacienda Cusin- Otavalo Tours- Happy Gringo

There is a wry sense of humor in the air throughout the property. While there is an intriguing history to Cusin going back 400 years, the decor replaces the antiquated ambiance of a museum with renewed sparks of discovery. Bringing the vibrancy of the Ecuadorian culture to life through the hallways of its past.

Old World elegance and charm lend a cheerful air to the main dining room, inviting conversation and sparking new curiosity about the day’s events. The menu is a mix of local specialties that innovatively combine traditional Ecuadorian recipes into a fusion of flavor; one course seemingly out doing the other at the will of the chef. For those with special diet considerations, an a la carte menu offers familiar favorites for the whole family.

The intricacies of travel in Ecuador are what make it a place for a once-in-a-lifetime visit, and a challenge for those who don’t know the lay of the land. Once the nuances are understood, new discoveries open up for travellers of all ages. To help make this a reality, Hacienda Cusin and Happy Gringo can arrange guided Otavalo tours.

  • Overnight horse trips from Cusin’s stables to nearby sister hotel Las Palmeras, outside of Otavalo, tours through the hills, valleys and villages of the Sierra at a comfortable pace.
  • Longer, multiple day trips visit Cotopaxi, where a trip into the national park and the climber’s refuge at the base of the active volcano make for a full day, stopping at vistas just below the glacier before over-nighting at a stately hacienda in the area.
  • Hacienda Cusin-A Family Adventure in the Northern Sierra of Ecuador

    Hacienda Cusin- Otavalo Tours- Happy Gringo

Actively experiencing the culture of Ecuador from an enlightened point of view is where Hacienda Cusin and El Monastario shine the brightest. Days unfold moment by moment; casting light on the spirit of the people and the beauty of its landscape. After the trip is over and the bags are unpacked, a newly found curiosity remains; leading way to a lifelong passion for Ecuador.

Hacienda Cusin is just over an hour from Mariscal Sucre International Airport and Quito. Transfers are available by taxi, private driver or helicopter. Otavalo is a fifteen to twenty-five minute journey, depending if traveling by taxi or bus.

Happy Gringo offers Otavalo tours from Quito that include a stay at Hacienda Cusin on a mini-adventure that also takes you to Hacienda La Cienega in the Cotopaxi Provence of Ecuador. For more information about the places you can visit with Happy Gringo, contact a member of our team.

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