Snorkel - Ideas for Travel in the Galapagos during Summer

Ideas for Travel in the Galapagos during Summer

The Galapagos Islands during the months of June, July, and August are in the midst of a transition. As the Humboldt current from the south arrives and cools the tropical waters, new life springs up above and below the sea.

The current creates a thriving eco-system where small species bloom and thrive, bringing whales like the Orca and humpback, schools of Hammerhead sharks, and pods of dolphin numbering as high as a hundred into the open waters of the archipelago.

With the changes come fresh opportunities to explore, and finding the right combination of land and sea excursions can be a bit complex. The rules of the Galapagos National Park, the seasonal hot spots, and the evolving natural dynamics of the islands make it hard to mark the spot with an “x” before setting sail. Keep reading for a few ideas for travel to the Galapagos Islands during the summer months.

Compare Your Bucketlist to the Natural Calender of the Galapagos

For many visiting the Galapagos Islands in the summer is a perfect pairing. Marine life is active, the Galapagos penguins migrate away from the western islands, and birds and sea lions are busy mating and rearing their pups.

Ideas for Travel in the Galapagos during Summer

For others, the once-in-a-lifetime list has grown to include animals and marine creatures who shy away during the summer season. It is a tradeoff that doesn’t necessarily mean losing ground, but an opportunity to expand your horizons in different directions.

Once Set on the List-Divide Your Time on Land and by Sea

Both land-based travel in the Galapagos Islands and time spent on cruises exploring the sea and the uninhabited islands are incredible ways to experience the archipelago.

Far too often the two are pitted against each other- bringing lists to the forefront of a plan that detail the pros and cons of each choice.

One of the best options for travel in the Galapagos Islands is a combination of land-based excursions that include day trips on and underneath the water, and a cruise itinerary that helps you discover the farther regions of the archipelago.

During June and July, this is one way for underwater explorers to dive into the turquoise waters in search of the creatures of the ocean like whale and hammerhead sharks.

Ideas for Travel in the Galapagos during Summer

Land-based adventures include African style Safari Camps where everything is taken care of, and extensions before or after cruises on Isabela Island-a hot spot for whale and dolphin spotting and home to one of the top snorkeling sites in the islands-Los Tuneles. The clear waters underneath lava brides are home to ancient sea turtles, white and grey-tipped reef sharks, giant sea horses, and a handful of species of rays and eels.

The site isn’t included on cruise ship itineraries and it is dependent on the currents, waves, and weather if day trips can enter the mouth of the islet.

When it Doubt, Wait it Out

The choices for travel in the Galapagos Islands during the summer months are astounding and each has a unique advantage that is hard to overlook. The options for people of all budgets and travel preferences grow each year, new operators and agencies open and operate building on the successes of their predecessors.

After doing your research, finding out what the combinations available for your time frame are, and finishing a list of must see things to do and discover, take a minute to put the phone down and relax.

Ideas for Travel in the Galapagos during Summer

While the perfect combination isn’t readily apparent at first, second, or even third glance-there are factors in motion that often lead to an adventure of a lifetime.

Happy Gringo Travel has an extensive network of people, places, and operators in the islands that are part of planning custom-made tours to the Galapagos that match your travel aspirations. For up-to-date and expert advice when planning a trip with someone who will jump at the chance to help, contact a member of our team by clicking here.

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