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Quito- Happy Gringo -Guide to eating in Quito

A guide for eating in Quito like a true foodie

Quito’s food and restaurant scene is a curious mix of traditional Ecuadorian food, hidden hot spots for relaxing that offer panoramic views of distant valleys, and many international restaurants that are great places to sample new twists on the originals. Keep reading for guide to eating in Quito like a true foodie, with suggestions on some local favorite spots for great meals and good company.

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Embrace the adventure - travel in Ecuador

Culture shock? Embrace the Adventure when traveling in Ecuador

As someone who has looked back on my introduction to Ecuador and compared it to a Jackson Pollack painting, I understand traveller’s initial reaction to the country.

Splashes of color and movement catch you off guard-leaving one wondering how things work in the small Andean nation. Keep reading for a few ways to relax and enjoy the ride while traveling in Ecuador.

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Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

Why travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

Travel is one of the ways that we refresh and renew our relationship with the world around us. Visiting places around the world brings us closer to home-journeys that show us our own culture when finding our way in those of others. Keep reading for our reasons that travel in Ecuador enriches and inspires- creating moments that last long after the trip is over.

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