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otavalo - Win a Free Day Trip with Happy Gringo Travel

Win a Free Day Trip with Happy Gringo Travel

Starting today and continuing until next Monday, Happy Gringo Travel is offering a chance to see the different places around Quito for free. We are offering this promotion as part of a redesign of our website, and you should be aware that we ask that you give us permition to use videos from the trip and are comfortable travelling with others who join the fun. Keep reading for the trips and requirements for seeing the sights around the capital city.

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Hacienda Cusin-A Family Adventure in the Northern Sierra of Ecuador

Hacienda Cusin- Otavalo Tours- Happy Gringo

Far away from the comings and goings of high-end hotels and their nods toward accommodating families, Hacienda Cusin, a traditional Spanish hacienda, is a refuge for travellers of all ages. Its off-the-beaten-path location and deep roots in Ecuadorian culture set the stage for an adventure that inspires the mind and invigorates the spirit. The hacienda and the adjacent El Monasterio are the yin to the other´s yang, both playing an important role for families using the comfortable complex as a base during their Otavalo tours.

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