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bq - Fun, Cheerful, and Sophisticated-Three Places to Stay in Quito Before or After a Trip

Fun, Cheerful, and Sophisticated-Three Places to Stay in Quito Before or After a Trip

BoutiQuito Design Hostel

BoutiQuito is a vibrant hostel located at the top of Guapulo, one of the in-the-know neighborhoods in Quito for relaxing and enjoying a low-key evening with friends. The spacious rooms of the hostel offer comfort that is seldom found in Quito’s backpacker hostels; and amenities like the use of the large, clean kitchen and a common laptop make it a find.

BoutiQuito Hostel - Places to stay in Quito

BoutiQuito Design Hostel in Quito, Ecuador

What makes BuotiQuito stand out is the social scene of the hostel. The cozy, main room overlooks the valley of Quito, and the inviting couches around the fireplace lend themselves to catching up with fellow travellers or curling up with a book. The hostel serves breakfast for a fee, made with fresh ingredients to order by the staff.

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Quito’s Colonial (Historic Center) Hotels

Quito's Colonial HotelsQuito’s colonial quarter is less than an hour’s drive ($20-30 in taxi) from its new out-of-town airport, so it makes sense to drop by, even if you only have a morning or afternoon to spare. Most visitors will spend a night in Quito before flying onwards to the Galapagos, Amazon, Pacific coast or another Andes attraction — and there’s no better ambience than the cobbled streets and treasured architecture of the historic center.

Most Quito’s colonial hotels are based in original buildings, or are faithful reconstructions (Quito has endured powerful earthquakes) feature impressive open central courtyards, as was the tradition for wealthy Spanish settlers. This style is perfect for a series of guest rooms on multiple levels around a source of natural light, and for a restaurant bordered by large stone pillars and upper level balconies. But just as valuable are views of the vicinity.

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