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otavalo - Win a Free Day Trip with Happy Gringo Travel

Win a Free Day Trip with Happy Gringo Travel

Starting today and continuing until next Monday, Happy Gringo Travel is offering a chance to see the different places around Quito for free. We are offering this promotion as part of a redesign of our website, and you should be aware that we ask that you give us permition to use videos from the trip and are comfortable travelling with others who join the fun. Keep reading for the trips and requirements for seeing the sights around the capital city.

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ecuador andes volcanoes - Custom-Made Trips to Four Volcanoes in Ecuador

Custom-Made Trips to Four Volcanoes in Ecuador

Ecuador boasts more than 70 volcanoes running from the top to the bottom of the country alongside the Andes mountain range, and reaching 500 miles off the coast to the Galapagos Islands. The Avenue of Volcanoes has eight of the highest peaks in the country, including active volcanoes that are still erupting to this day.

Each year, thousands of climbers descend on the small nation to climb the peaks in search of reaching new heights. Others come to find solace in the peaceful lookouts overlooking the majestic giants. custom-made trips in Ecuador to the volcanoes and peaks can be arranged through Happy Gringo Travel.

The culture of the country is seemingly defined by its volcanoes; folklore tells of creation myths of the high mountains with tales of suitors fighting over a mate. When the dust settled, the resulting couple gave birth to another volcano in the succession that criss-crosses the country.

While far from a complete list, and not a technical guide to be used for summiting Ecuador’s peaks, here are four volcanoes that draw people from far and wide to visit during their time in Ecuador.

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Snorkelers with sea turtle Kahaluu Bay - Island Hopping in the Galapagos

Island Hopping in the Galapagos

Island-hopping in the Galapagos Islands gives you more flexibility to choose activities, schedule free time to explore independently, and discover the hidden gems that make the islands an incredible place to visit.

We can create custom programs that offer the best of the land and sea. Keep reading for some of the options for an epic journey and the activities that you can do while in the archipelago.

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Condors of Ecuador’s Andes

Condors of Ecuador's Andes

Condors of Ecuador

Before the arrival of the Spaniards, settled cultures in what is now known as Ecuador were guided by deities. The Incas believed condors were the messengers of the gods. Sociologist Dimitri Peñasco says the condor is believed to lead the dead into an upper realm, called Hanan Pacha. This realm included the sky, sun, moon, stars, planets and constellations. The condor is also said to be able to morph into human form. This has been the inspiration for many legends.

It is Ecuador’s national bird, depicted on the flag and coat of arms as a symbol of bravery and power. Andean condors are one of the largest birds, with wingspans of up to 10 feet. Females lay their eggs in steep, rocky areas to protect them from predators. They can mainly be found in five areas of the country: Antisana Eco Reserve, Cotacachi-Cayapas Eco Reserve, Zuleta in Imbabura province, the Nabón region in Azuay province and Cajas National Park.

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Whale watching off Ecuador’s Pacific coast

July and August are the peak months for whale watching in Ecuador, as hundreds of humpbacks put on spectacular mating displays, physical and audible. They’ve come all the way from Antarctica for the warmer waters of the equatorial Pacific coastline, and boat operators haven’t seen a peak in human interest yet. Tourists are still on the rise, year on year.

Whale watching in Ecuador

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