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5 Places to Buy Souvenirs in Quito

Quito’s place as the capital of the country comes with the artisans of Ecuador joining the court of Ecuador’s finest crafts people who wave from doorways and open up shops each day to welcome the crowds. In the different neighborhood and sectors of the city artists take their work into the streets and art classes dot the plazas and archways of the cultural centers of town. Keep reading for 5 places to buy souvenirs in Quito that brighten up any trip home.

Mercado Artesanal

The Mercado Artesanal at the start of the new town’s Mariscal neighborhood is a haven for those looking for locally made crafts, elegant textiles, chocolate, jewelry, and leather goods. Vendors line the isles with stalls that pile high with clothing, hats, purses, jackets, shoes, and t-shirts that bring the different pieces of the culture to life.

Jorge Washington y Juan Leon Mera


Galería Ecuador

Galeria Ecuador , close to Plaza Foch is a one stop shop for gifts and keepsakes from Ecuador. Rows of Ecuadorian chocolate, rooms full of coffee, exotic soaps, silver jewelry, and local candies await and the attached café offers Ecuadorian classics with a gourmet twist.

Galeria Ecuador -Places to Buy Souvenirs in Quito

Reina Victoria N24-26 and Lizardo García


La Ronda

La Ronda is one of Quito’s oldest pedestrian neighborhood-revitalized during the last few decades as a center for old world culture, cutting edge arts and theater, and home to swanky and playful artisan shops, bakeries, studios, and confectionaries.

Two lamp-lit street streets cross in the middle of the district, and local artists, chefs, painters, and silversmiths share their wares with a steady stream of visitors in search of genuine goods from Ecuador.

5 Places to Buy Souvenirs in Quito

Bordering Plaza Santa Domingo in the Historic Center


Homero Ortega

Homero Ortega’s Panama Hat store close to San Franscisco Plaza has been making and selling hats since 1899. The trade craft is passed down to each new generation-showcasing many different types and weaves of the icon head-piece that have set the standard for other craftsmen around the country. Prices run from reasonable to an investment worth the cost.

Homero Ortega Panama Hats -Places to Buy Souvenirs in Quito

San Franscisco Plaza


Plaza Foch

Plaza Foch in the heart of the new town normally makes headlines as the place to go for clubs, international restaurants, coffee shops, and goto breakfast places that fill up during the course of the day.

Each weekend, the plaza changes into one of its many roles and plays host to a small, but growing artesian fair. Artists set up around banquet table selling handmade jewelry, locally made honey and cheese, one of a kind shirts, purses, nick knacks, and Ecuadorian art, soaps, and spices.

Plaza Foch -Places to Buy Souvenirs in Quito

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