Dirty Sanchez - The Big List of Weekly Events in Quito

The Big List of Weekly Events in Quito


Weekly events in Quito go beyond the normal quips published online and in print and take you into the vibrant culture of the capital city. A thriving local art, music, food, and social scene welcomes visitors who go off the beaten path and dive into the neighborhoods that make discovering the city an urban adventure. Keep reading for the big list of weekly and monthly events that take place in fun spots that put you side-by-side with locals and travelers alike.

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6355384323 c72345f677 b - 5 Places to Buy Souvenirs in Quito

5 Places to Buy Souvenirs in Quito

Quito’s place as the capital of the country comes with the artisans of Ecuador joining the court of Ecuador’s finest crafts people who wave from doorways and open up shops each day to welcome the crowds. In the different neighborhood and sectors of the city artists take their work into the streets and art classes dot the plazas and archways of the cultural centers of town. Keep reading for 5 places to buy souvenirs in Quito that brighten up any trip home. Continue reading

antipasti delicious dinner 5876 - The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Quito

The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Quito

In the past, vegetarians and vegan travelers in Ecuador had little to choose from aside from heaping plates of rice, beans, eggs, potatoes, and whatever vegetables were at hand.  Luckily, in Quito, there is a growing crop of goto restaurants that are filling the void. Keep reading for a few favorites spanning a spectrum of culinary standards to find when in the city. Continue reading

Events Ecuador June-July

Summer Festivals and Events in Ecuador During June and July

During the summer months when school holidays lead to new found discoveries in the vibrant landscapes of Ecuador, the country’s festivals kick into gear. Many revolve around the harvest and summer solstice, dating back to before the Inca when indigenous people lived and celebrated their fortunes under the moon and stars.

People gather in the cities and towns across the country for festive days of parades, ceremonies and nights of dancing, drinking, and eating in the streets until the last note is played.

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