Galapagos Islands Beaches

A Sun Lover´s Guide to the Galapagos Islands´ Beaches

The Galapagos Islands stand out on many lists, and have many names. Darwin’s Playground tops the charts for its wildlife, fragile eco-system, striking landscapes, and the intriguing circumstances that brought both the creatures and the early settlers to the archipelago. One aspect of Galapagos Islands travel that is often overlooked are the tropical beaches found along their shores. Continue reading

IMG 20180811 190519142 LL - Quito's Fiesta de la Luz-A Spectacular Symphony of Color and Movement

Quito’s Fiesta de la Luz-A Spectacular Symphony of Color and Movement

While Quito’s detractors are quick to point out the city’s flaws, the capital of Ecuador does many things well-the annual Fiestas de Luz is high on the list. Any given day wandering the streets of the historic center is an adventure into the Spanish architecture, the rich history, and the roots of the country’s culture. Continue reading

Galapagos Island Trips

Galapagos Island Trips-An Adventure in a Far Off Land

Galapagos Island trips open up the eyes to new aspects of the natural world and create moments that redefine travel-waking up the senses and adding an element of awe to time spent in one of the most exotic places in the world.

It’s a place where the normal rules of travel are upended-while there are a variety of ways to see the archipelago, Galapagos Islands trips revolve around the mandates of the Galapagos National Park. This can be a bit encumbering when trying to plan a trip, these regulations are the bare minimum from which many other conservation efforts are founded. Keep reading for a few of the efforts in place to protect the islands and what that means for you as a traveler.

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