Events Ecuador June-July

Summer Festivals and Events in Ecuador During June and July

During the summer months when school holidays lead to new found discoveries in the vibrant landscapes of Ecuador, the country’s festivals kick into gear. Many revolve around the harvest and summer solstice, dating back to before the Inca when indigenous people lived and celebrated their fortunes under the moon and stars.

People gather in the cities and towns across the country for festive days of parades, ceremonies and nights of dancing, drinking, and eating in the streets until the last note is played.

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burger close up fast food 103886 - The Best Burgers in Quito-8 Places that Cross the Divide

The Best Burgers in Quito-8 Places that Cross the Divide

Finding a burger in Quito is as easy as walking down a street in most neighborhoods until a mom and pop restaurant appears- to authentically appreciate burgers in the city you should definitely try this once before moving forward. Fried eggs, French fries, and chips are often garnishes-as is store-bought ham, avocado, and an intriguing variety of sauces that often leaves you wondering why. Continue reading

Too many places? Choosing the Ideal Travel Experience in Ecuador For You

Trying to plan the ideal travel experience in Ecuador that ventures into the natural riches of the Galapagos Islands, the dense canopy of the jungle and cloud forest, and the vast landscapes of the Andes often finds you grasping at straws when trying to decide where to go.  Ecuador’s small size hides a variety of places where adventure takes many forms-starting in bustling cities and continuing to the far reaches of the country. Keep reading for a guide to the county’s best destinations and activities for travelers of all shapes and sizes.

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ecuador 917093 1920 1 - Travelling in Ecuador by Train-An Elegant Experience

Travelling in Ecuador by Train-An Elegant Experience

Travelling in Ecuador by train is an engaging experience-one that traverses routes that have been used for centuries. In the early days of the republic, over the terms of two conflicted presidents, the country developed train lines that connected Quito to Guayaquil.  This feat  required ascending and descending a riveting set of switchbacks, the Devil’s Nose, to connect the coast to the mountains.

Over the last decade, Ecuador’s train system has been revitalized into a network of trips that take you around the country in style, making the journeys just as exciting as the destinations. Keep reading for four train trips in Ecuador that whisk you away to a time where train travel was all the rage.

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Snorkel - Ideas for Travel in the Galapagos during Summer

Ideas for Travel in the Galapagos during Summer

The Galapagos Islands during the months of June, July, and August are in the midst of a transition. As the Humboldt current from the south arrives and cools the tropical waters, new life springs up above and below the sea.

The current creates a thriving eco-system where small species bloom and thrive, bringing whales like the Orca and humpback, schools of Hammerhead sharks, and pods of dolphin numbering as high as a hundred into the open waters of the archipelago.

With the changes come fresh opportunities to explore, and finding the right combination of land and sea excursions can be a bit complex. The rules of the Galapagos National Park, the seasonal hot spots, and the evolving natural dynamics of the islands make it hard to mark the spot with an “x” before setting sail. Keep reading for a few ideas for travel to the Galapagos Islands during the summer months.

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