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Meet the Team

Our philosophy is simple: to provide the ultimate travel experience in Ecuador & Galapagos, and to bring fun and smiles to your trip here! No hassles, no worries!!!
A travel company run by passionate travelers for like-minded clients.

Happy Managers

  • John is the original founder of Happy Gringo
  • He is from London UK and has over 16 years of travel and work experience within Latin America
  • He Holds both BA (hons) and M.Sc. degrees in business and management from UK universities.
  • John´s biggest passion in life is travel, having had the pleasure to visit more than 75 different countries worldwide
  • In his spare time he loves football & sports, reading and spending time in nature.
Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - Eva
  • Eva is from Holland and is the joint owner of Happy Gringo
  • She speaks fluent Dutch, English & Spanish as well as a good working level of German.
  • She holds a degree in Anthropology with a specialization in Ecuadorian culture, and also an MBA.
  • Eva is also responsible for maintaining the excellent sales service of Happy Gringo
  • Eva has lived in Ecuador for the past 13 years and has two mischievous young daughters.

Dream Experts – Travel Gurus



Sales & Service Supervisor

  • Josh moved to Quito from Seattle, Washington.
  • He studied Business Management and Environmental Studies in the US and has years of experience ensuring client satisfaction in fast-paced, customer service oriented environments.
  • Crazy about the mountains and nature, the move to Ecuador was an ideal choice.
  • In his free time, Josh loves exploring the Andes by bike, reading, cooking his favorite dishes, and, of course, traveling.
  • Tatiana joined us in 2019 to start a new adventure in her career, having already gained valuable experience working in tourism in rural communities of Ecuador.
  • Tatiana studied Social Communication which gave her the tools to follow her passion for Ecuadorian culture, nature and travel.
  • In her free time she loves to hike in the Andean mountains, watch movies or relax with a good book.
  • She is looking forward to help travelers to visit her home country!
Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - jonathan
  • Jonathan is a Tourism Management graduate and has over 3 years of experience working in sales and tourism marketing.
  • His goal since joining the Happy Gringo sales team is to help customers find ‘the trip of their life’ in Ecuador.
  • He enjoys spending time with his family, also discovering new places with friends, as well as trying new cultural experiences through traditional cuisine.
  • He grew up in the United States of America so he loves to stay up to date with all the sports events in America.
Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - Carmen
  • Carmen has studied Administration of Touristic Companies & Hotels at Universidad de las Americas in Quito
  • She is originally from the Amazon region of Ecuador but has now been living in Quito for the past 10+ years in order to study and work in tourism
  • She already has many years of experience working at a prestigious tour operator, and at a hotel on San Cristobal in Galapagos
  • In her spare time, you will usually find Carmen practicing sports or with a good book in her hands. She is extremely passionate about nature and traveling to new places!
  • She looks forward to helping as many people as possible to visit Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands
  • Gaby was born in Quito – Ecuador, and earned herself a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Food & Beverage Management.
  • She has been working in tourism for over 4 years now, and enjoys travel thanks to the attitude:
  • “how can anyone not take advantage of the wonderful country you were born in?”.
  • She feels that through her sales she can best promote Ecuador and the experiences that it offers.
  • Gaby has a passion for traveling and cooking, always trying to find the most beautiful countries to visit and the most varied and strange places to eat, from popular markets to Michelin awarded restaurants.
  • She considers herself to be a citizen of the world, a dog lover, a hard worker, and a self-sufficient happy woman.

People & Finance Wizards

Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - natalia
  • Natalia joined the Happy Gringo team in December 2010 to work as an Accounts Assistant.
  • She enjoys music and sport, and above all loves to share new experiences with her young daughter.
Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - marjory
  • Marjory studied Finance and Banking at the Cordillera Institute in Quito.
  • She considers herself a very romantic and extroverted person.
  • What Marjory enjoys most is watching movies and cooking with her three children.
  • Her hobbies are dancing salsa music, listening to romantic music, traveling and Cooking
Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - david
  • David graduated in tourism at the Central University of Quito
  • He has been working in Happy Gringo since 2008 and loves his job.
  • His responsibilities are divided between operations tasks and invoicing.
  • David is a huge fan of football and supports Barcelona from the coast of Ecuador; he also enjoys nature and music.


Accounting assistant

  • Cristina is a Finance graduate from the Universidad Central del Ecuador.
  • In her spare time she volunteers helping low-income communities, giving free counseling and financial education so they can start their own projects and ventures.
  • Cristina also loves animals, and has a soft spot for stray dogs.
  • She would take them all home to her house if she could! She also loves nature and staying aware of current politics and economics events so she is abreast of everything that is going on in the country.

Creativity Crew

Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - francine


Marketing Coordinator

  • Francine graduated from Hospitality and Marketing at the University of Glion in Switzerland.
  • She has experience working with SEO, copywriting and online advertisement.
  • She loves to write about her traveling adventures and likes to stay current in all of the new Marketing techniques.
  • She is extremely passionate about promoting Ecuador’s unique beauty and culture.
  • She is a film buff; she goes to the cinema almost every Sunday.
  • Francine also owns a lovely rescued cat, called Mister Kat.
Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - pamela
  • Pamela is a Student of Graphic Design.
  • Her goal since joining Happy Gringo is to help in all the graphic and publicity area
  • She enjoys spending time playing the piano, traveling and making music.
  • One of her goals is to travel as many countries as she possibly can.

Planning Geniuses

Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - valeria


Custom-Made Tours & Operations Supervisor

  • Valeria has 15 years of experience working in tourism in Ecuador and is very proud of her roots from Puyo, deep in the Amazon area of Ecuador.
  • Valeria is the person to thank for the smooth-running organization of our trips.
  • She loves sharing time with her pets and her hobbies are traveling, reading and doing yoga.


Custom-Made Tours Operations Assistant

  • Karla has work in tourism for 7 years, as a travel agent and she loves her job.
  • Tourism is one of her greatest passions and she wishes to help traveler’s dreams come true.
  • Her hobbies are traveling, reading and listening to music. She especially likes to spend time with her little son.
Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - stephanie


Custom-Made Tours Operations Assistant

  • Stephanie studied hotel management and enjoys working in customer service.
  • She enjoys being close to nature and loves sports that connect the outdoors with relaxation, like yoga.
  • On her spare time, she tries to learn new trends of the industry.
Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - nancy
  • Nancy has worked in tourism for over 15 years and is motivated to work in this exciting sector because she is “helping create dreams and experiences that clients will remember for many years”.
  • Her main hobby is running, recently she has competed in the following races: 15k Ultimas Noticias, Quito 1/2 marathon, Ruta de las Iglesias, Huarmi Run and more.
  • Nancy loves to take on challenges that push her to achieve new goals.
  • She enjoys reading and taking cooking classes.
  • Maribel is an Ecotourism graduate from Central University in Quito, with over 7 years of experience working in hospitality.
  • She loves to meet people of different cultures and she also enjoys the peace of mind that only nature offers.
  • She likes planning trips for her and her family and her favorite hobby is listening to music.
  • She is always open to learn new things, that help her grow both personally and professionally
  • She is very helpful, friendly and polite.

Friendly face department

Happy Gringo Ecuador Team - Silvia
  • Sylvia studied tourism at Universidad Central Ecuador, graduating with a bachelor in Historic and Cultural tourism.
  • In her spare time, she enjoys swimming and trail running, the latter which she actively practices in the mountains of Ecuador.
  • She has a deep love and respect for nature, which she wants to pass onto her 2 small children (aged 5 and 7)
  • Her hobbies are travel, movies, and dining.
  • In the future Sylvia would love to become a tour guide, so she could meet more people from different cultures, and show the wonderful things in Ecuador

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