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Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket Pickup

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  1. Where, how and when can I collect my tour tickets?
  2. I will be in Quito when the Happy Gringo office is closed so how can I collect my tickets?
  3. I prefer to pick up my tickets in Guayaquil, how can I do that?
  4. Once I have my tickets is there anything else that I need to worry about before travelling?

1. Where, how and when can I collect my tour tickets?

We send out all necessary tickets to passengers as scanned files via email, so all you ned to do is print them out and bring them with you. We will also send full instructions on how to join your trip.

Usually we aim to send tickets out between 1 and 2 weeks prior to your tour departure but this depends greatly on when we receive the tickets from the yacht operating companies so it may vary. If for any reason you need your tickets further in advance then please let us know as early as possible so that we can try to make the necessary preparations for you.

If you prefer to come to our office in person to collect tickets hen of course we will be delighted to meet you! Just let us know in advance so we are sure to have everything ready in time. Our address is:

Office 207, Building Catalina Plaza, Catalina Aldaz N34-155 & Portugal, Quito, Ecuador

It is located in the north part of town quite close to the Carolina Park. Our office opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, we are closed weekends.

In emergency cases we may also be able to leave a copy of your physicla tickets for you in your hotel reception in Quito. BACK TO TOP

2. I will be in Quito when the Happy Gringo office is closed so how can I collect my tickets?

See above - this is not a problem as our regular ticket delivery method is to scan and email everything to you. BACK TO TOP

3. I prefer to pick-up my tickets in Guayaquil, how can I do that?

Again not a problem as we will scan the tickets to you, but please bear in mind that we will not be able to send any physical documents to you in Guayaquil. BACK TO TOP


We strongly recommend that you check vaccination advice with your doctor AND check passport/visa requirements with the Ecuadorian Embassy in your country BEFORE you travel. Currently all nationalities need at least 6 months of validity on their passport for example (subject to change so please double-check this with the embassy) and visa requirements always vary by country. These regulations are always subject to change at short notice, for this reason Happy Gringo cannot provide direct advice to our clients on these matters, nor can we be held responsible if your personal paperwork is not in order - this information is VERY IMPORTANT to check as your airline may deny permission to board the plane if your passport / visa is not in order.

You should also consider the impact of a new law coming into force in 2017 that obligates foreign travellers to hold a valid travel insurance covering medical expenses during your trip. At immigration they may ask to see proof of insurance and in theory can deny entry if you are unable to do so. At this time is difficult to say whether the authorities will apply this law strictly or not, for that reason Happy Gringo recommends always to travel with a valid insurance just in case.

Another important step if of course to pack for your trip - in our FAQ we provide details for a suggested packing list before you travel. BACK TO TOP