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Andes Cloudforest

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Mashpi Lodge

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A secret hideaway located on a forest plateau just three hours’ drive from Quito, Mashpi Lodge sits in the heart of a 1,300-hectare (3,200-acre) Reserve which harbours both cloudforest and rainforest and is recognised as part of the globally-important Chocó ‘hot spot’ of biodiversity.

The wonders waiting at Mashpi Lodge will delight the worldliest nature lover. Perched at 900 m (3,116 feet) above sea level and surrounded by lower montane rainforest and cloudforest, the Lodge area is home to a profusion of plant species, from ferns and bromeliads to hundreds of orchid species, many newly-discovered.

A staggering 500 species of bird - including some 36 endemic species - are estimated to inhabit the forest, fluttering through the canopy. Monkeys, peccaries and even puma make their homes inside the Reserve crisscrossed with waterfalls between dramatic, verdant hills. It’s a system which is still revealing its secrets to science, still mysterious, still magical.

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Mashpi lodge, built with the latest techniques in sustainable construction, is designed to blend in beautifully and as naturally as possible with its surroundings. It features contemporary, minimalist decor, mixing warm earth tones, notes of bright colour, clean lines and striking angles and vistas: a luxury cocoon amid the cloudforest with the natural world just beyond, ideal for contemplation and relaxation.

Activities include visiting the Life Centre with its butterflies and plants, climbing the eight-story observation tower, riding on the innovative Sky Bike, early morning bird watching, night walks, or simply sitting back to watch the clouds play hide-and-seek with the forest.


A typical 3-day stay (recommended) will look something like this:

Mashpi Lodge
Day Activities

Depart from Quito - After settling into our respective rooms, you will be introduced to our naturalist guides who will briefly speak about the cloud forest and its conservation, the activities you will be offered during your stay, and helpful tips about what to wear and bring to the excursions. This will take place before lunch at our library (lasts around 30 minutes).

An afternoon guided trek along the Cucharillo Tree Trail (Magnolia dixonii), which in Spanish means ‘little spoon’, an Ecuadorian endemic that is common at Mashpi, although otherwise threatened throughout the country. The trail requires some physical condition due to its steeper portions, but has been made less demanding thanks to recycled plastic crates that have been used to form steps and make paths firmer. At the end of the trail find a large waterfall and rocky riverbed with beautiful ponds and smaller waterfalls. The excursion takes about 2 hours to complete.

The forest transforms by sunset: the sounds and smells intensify and other senses are awakened. We will discover the evening croaking of nocturnal frogs and incessant buzz of insects. If we turn off our flashlights, we will be able to observe sparkling fireflies and feel bats zipping by. On the ground, we’ll discover the faint glow of bioluminescent fungi all around. And as we turn our flashlights on again, we’ll quickly notice the reflection of hundreds of tiny insects. As we continue on, owls and other nocturnal birds may call into the night, while the rustling of branches above us may mean that we’re in the presence of kinkajous (Potos flavus), an arboreal mammal relative to the raccoon, making their way through the trees in search of ripe fruit. The excursion begins at 7 PM and takes about 45 min to an hour. We then return to the lodge to enjoy a delicious dinner.


Mashpi Exploration - The forest always rewards the “early birds”, as the dawn light lures a variety of fascinating species in their search for food. A good place to find birds is actually right at the hotel’s terrace, with a cup of fresh coffee, tea or hot chocolate in hand, from where we can enjoy not only the beauty of the forest but also the many species that come to feed on insects and fruits at nearby trees. Our guides will help us spot what’s around, offering a peek inside their telescope for a close-and-personal view of the incredible bird richness Mashpi possesses. This activity begins at 6:30 AM and lasts about an hour. Enjoy breakfast at our hotel restaurant.

We depart around 8:30 AM to the Sky Bike and Observation Tower (a 15-minute walk from the hotel).

Looming above the treetops, Mashpi´s observation tower allows our guests to enjoy the protected forest in all its glory. At 30 meters (100 feet) above the ground, this is an ideal site for nature lovers, allowing us not only allows to appreciate the forest’s complex structure, but also the incredible species richness that thrives throughout the canopy (70% of the forest’s biodiversity is found here). We climb 162 steps to reach the top.

The aerial bicycle makes for an original and exciting way to explore the canopy up close. Designed for two people to use at once, one person pedals the bike along a cable stretched between two points, around 200 mt (655 feet) apart, crossing a gorge and river. Silent, easy-to-use and fun, it's an activity that provides guests with yet another vantage point to experience Mashpi’s lush natural world. To enjoy the ride, one must be at least one meter tall (3.2 feet) (children must be accompanied by an adult).

The bike ride takes no more than 20 minutes. Once completed, you can walk back to the lodge along one of our many trails. One of the trails takes us to San Vicente waterfall, a 45-minutes-to-an-hour steep hike that demands good physical condition. You can also hike the Oxibelis trail that takes us to a small waterfall before taking us back to the lodge. The combination of activities (sky bike, observation tower and hike) can take between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the trail.

At the lodge, a refreshing natural juice and fresh towels will be waiting for us; we then will enjoy a varied and delicious lunch at the hotel restaurant.

The best way to reach the Life Centre is actually through the forest, so we take what we’ve come to call the “Howler Monkey’s trail”. This path crosses primary forest dominated by many ancient trees, being the “copal” (Dacryodes cupularis) the most emblematic of them. We occasionally get to listen to rare birds, such as the Rufous-fronted Wood-quail (Odontophorus erythrops) or the Rufous-crowned Antpitta (Pittasoma rufopileatum). Our guides are keen on noticing every sound that comes from the forest deep, hoping to reveal colorful birds or elusive howler monkeys, while our naturalist guide explains the habitat’s ecology; both share with us their extensive knowledge on forest plants and their medicinal uses.

Once at the Life Centre, we are offered a great view of the forest from the comfort of an expansive wooden deck, where wildlife abounds. We will identify the different birds and mammals that visit our fruit feeders. The centre is conceived as a place for learning and discovery, but also a place where guests can disconnect from the humdrum of today’s world. We will explore the life of butterflies, the many species found in the Mashpi area and their metamorphosis process from egg, larva and caterpillar, to chrysalis and finally winged wonder. We will also discover various species of host plants that butterflies use to lay their eggs on, such as passion flowers, birds of paradise, milk weeds and other species found in the garden. Not far from the Centre, we have also established a “tropical orchard” where many varieties of fruit trees, including banana, manioc, cacao, hot chili pepper, coffee and wild raspberries are grown.

For those interested in learning more about the Ecuadorian cloud forest, we offer a lecture that sums up the different scientific research projects that take place at Mashpi. The talk lasts around 30 minutes, and will include footage from our hidden camera traps, a great display of the astounding diversity that thrives inside the forest.


The Last Day - This activity begins at 6:30 AM in the hotel lobby and takes advantage of the fact that many bird species come to the hotel to feed. After a cup of coffee, we walk down the road seeking out mixed-species feeding flocks: these usually feature different insectivorous bird species that move together while foraging. In a single flock, we may see over 20 different species, making these more-or-less common encounters an undeniable treat for bird aficionados. The activity takes one hour; we return to the lodge for breakfast. Approximately at 8:30 AM we leave the hotel and head to Copal Waterfall. This beautiful 2-hour-long hike features a landscape of moss-covered trees, bromelias and orchids at every corner. The trail ends at a spectacular waterfall over 50 m high.  We return to the hotel by noon for check out and enjoy our last meal at Mashpi before heading back to Quito at approximately 1:30 PM.

Longer stays are also possible.


AVAILABILITY: This tour is available throughout the year.

START DATES: flexible to start on any day of the week that you prefer to travel.

2018 PRICES PER PERSON (per night)
Accommodation Double Single  
Wayra Room $670 $1,172 Request this Tour
Yaku Suite $708 $1,415 Request this Tour

* A two nights minimum stay applies. Discounts are available for children under 12.


  • Accommodation,
  • All meals from lunch day 1 to lunch on final day
  • Guided daily excursions (in English and Spanish only) to primary forest, aerial tram, rivers and lagoons along the reserve, and specialized lectures.
  • Use of rain ponchos and rubber boots
  • Transfers in and out (shared basis from major hotel chains in Quito)


  • Gratuities, bar, gifts and additional items. Optional activities outside the reserve (kayak, bike, canopy ziplines etc).


Return transport is included in the package with pickup to and from main hotels in Quito, Casa Gangotena, Plaza Grande, Patio Andaluz, Hilton Colon, Marriott, Le Parc, Sheraton) hotel.

Past Clients Feedback

“You really don’t expect such luxury in the middle of the forest so this trip was a really pleasant surprise for our family. The other big plus is the easy access to Quito - having this beautiful forest right on your doorstep is amazing! The excursions were very enjoyable, educational and above all well-thought out and prepared. The food was of a very high standard and among the best meals we had during our entire Ecuador trip. Overall a highly recommended tour!” (Jonny Wills, UK)

* All lodge information is correct at time of publishing but subject to change by the lodge owner.