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The Galapagos Islands

Getting to the Galapagos Islands
How to get to the Galapagos Islands

The only way to reach Galapagos is to fly from Ecuador. Flights operated by Tame, Aerogal and LAN leave every day from mainland Ecuador from the cities of Quito and Guayaquil to the islands of Baltra or San Cristobal at Galapagos..

All flights depart early morning from the mainland arriving to Galapagos mid to late morning. Returning flights leave late morning from Galapagos arriving back to mainland in the afternoon. The flight time from Quito is 3 hours with a time difference of 1 hour (the Galapagos islands are 1 hour behind mainland Ecuador).

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Galapagos flight costs vary by route:

Galapagos flight route Average Rate
Quito / Galapagos / Quito
Quito / Galapagos / Guayaquil
Guayaquil / Galapagos / Quito
Guayaquil / Galapagos / Guayaquil

It is important to note that these are average rates only - real rates vary each day in the flight reservation systems so please ask your sales person for a current quote for your Galapagos travel dates. To emit your tickets Happy Gringo will charge a small emission fee (as suggested by the airlines), or you are welcome in most cases to book the tickets yourselves if you prefer - our sales staff can let you know which airline / flight you need to be on.

Upon arrival all tourists must pay the Galapagos National Park entry fee which is currently $100 per person plus $10 for a transit control card. Both rates are subject to future changes.