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La Selva Lodge

This Lodge was fully remodeled in 2012 since when it has received very good feedback from travellers. La Selva boasts attentive service, attractive bamboo style accommodations, and some cabins even equipped with Jacuzzi.

The main restaurant overlooks the lake allowing you to see the different bird species and animals that get attracted to this water source. This is also the closest lodge to the Parrot clay lick in the Yasuni Park.

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Lodge Background

Access to La Selva Amazon Ecolodge is from the city of Coca, the lodge has an excellent location on the border of the protected Yasuni National Park. They work closely with the local community Pilchi and offer both training and work to the young men and women in this community, in fact most of the staff come from the local area.

La Selva has 18 superb, high end suites. These include Scenic Suites with private views overlooking Lake Garzacocha, 12 Superior Suites and three Family Suites.

La Selva Lodge


  • Cabins: twin, triple and quadruple accommodations
  • Private bathroom: yes
  • Showers: yes - hot water
  • Mosquito nets: yes
  • Electricity: yes
  • Boots / Rain ponchos: Provided by lodge staff


Standard departure days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Departures may also be availble on other days but with an extra canoe supplement to be paid. Please check availability with our sales staff.

Note: 4 day itinerary is the same as the 5days but without the activities of the fourth day.

Day 1 Fluvial Journey to the lodge in a motorized canoe with box lunch. A short 15 minute jungle walk will lead you to a creek where a small canoe will be taken to enjoy an unforgettable 20 minutes paddle canoe ride across “Garzacocha” (the heron's lagoon) in order to reach the lodge area. Approximately 15 minutes later, the resident manager will greet you with a delicious welcome cocktail.

In the afternoon you will visit the Matapalo Trail, named after the Spanish name of the famous Strangler fig (Ficus sp) one of many remarkable trees that you will find during this short introductory walk, where your native and naturalist guides will start to share with you part of their knowledge about flora and fauna of the tropical rain forest. Afterwards for the night walk, a flashlight and a camera will be the most important tools you will need to enjoy all of the insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals that you might see during an hour walk in the darkness of the forest.
Day 2 In the morning we will visit the Chaguamango trail  that begins behind the lodge and finishes at the edge of the lake. During the walk your guides will talk about the neo-tropical pharmacy that we find in the rainforest. Many plants have been used by the indigenous groups of the Amazonia to cure different ailments, some of them will be spotted on the way, we will head back to the lodge by canoe. If you are lucky, you might see big troops of squirrel monkeys approaching the water.

In the afternoon we visit the Charapa trail, lasting one and a half hours; it starts at the butterfly farm and ends on the edge of the lake, returning to the lodge by canoe. Along the way we will try to sight different groups of mammals, monkeys and birds that in the afternoon hours get close to the lakeshore to look for food. NIGHT CANOE RIDE:  With the help of a spotlight, your guides will take you in a paddle canoe around the lagoon looking for caimans, boas, bats, owls, night mammals and more nocturnal wildlife. If the sky is clear, we might have the chance to do some star gazing.
Day 3 In the morning,it is time to visit the most biologically diverse spot in the earth, the Yasuni National Park. To enjoy one of the most amazing displays of the wild world. Hundreds of parrots and parakeets will approach the treetops and later will come down to a clay bank to eat this soil rich in minerals. It is essential to have binoculars to enjoy it. Once you identify the different species of parrots and parakeets. The motorized canoe ride will continue for approximately 30 more minutes of birdwatching along the river banks.  Afterwards an Amazonian Kichwa family will receive you in their home. A visit to the garden “chacra” followed by a visit to the house is going to show you that part of the Amazonia that you do not find on the maps: the Amazon people. 

After lunch in the lodge we visit the butterfly farm, It is the moment to learn about the biology of this amazing insect. Our farm will show you the different stages of the butterfly, the adventure continues with FISHING FOR PIRANHAS in the Garzacocha Lake. Fishing lines will be provided by your native guide, to let you catch your own piranha.  Depending on the size of the fish, you will put it back in the water or if it is big enough you can give it to our gourmet chef and enjoy a tasty fish dinner.
Day 4 We do a combined route of Mandiñan and Coto trails. The Coto trail, begins next to the butterfly farm and ends on the edge of the lagoon. It is also a loop where you start out walking and come back to the hotel by canoe. With luck we will have mammal and bird sightings close to the lake. These trails last three to four hours depending on the animal sightings that happen along the way. We observe flora and fauna typical of the tropical rainforest.  After lunch  we go on a 2 hour canoe ride around Garzacocha Lake, waiting for the chance to spot herons, flycatchers, birds of prey, the famous Hoatzin, troops of squirrel monkeys, red howler monkeys perched on the top of the highest trees, among other interesting fauna you might see during your lake trip. Do not forget your binoculars and your camera.
Day 5 DEPARTURE FOR COCA: In accordance with your last night briefing, you will have an early wake up call, breakfast and departure from the lodge.

* Please note that rainforest itineraries might vary slightly so as to maximize wildlife sightings, depending of the reports of our naturalist guides, your main interests and weather conditions.

4 days $1215 Superior, Scenic or Family Suite Request this Tour
5 days $1510 Superior, Scenic or Family Suite Request this Tour


  • Lodge accommodation
  • 3 meals per day (from lunch on day 1 to breakfast on final day)
  • All excursions as listed in itinerary
  • Bilingual naturalist guide + Native assistant
  • Assistance at the airport: Quito and Coca
  • Transport to/from Coca and the lodge


  • Transport between Quito and Coca (flight to Coca approx $226)
  • National Park fee
  • Tips / drinks from bar / other personal expenses
  • Single supplement (30%)
  • Extra night : $330


The tour starts with a flight to Coca (30minutes, approx $226) you will be assisted in both Quito and Coca airport by the lodge staff.

In Coca the lodge is reached via motorised canoe (approx 2 hours and a half hour),  then a short paddled canoe ride followed by a short 15 minutes walk.

Past Clients Feedback

"In my wildest dreams I never imagines we would find such luxury in the Amazon jungle!" (James & Alison Turk, USA)

"A very impressive lodge and tour, and I would also say good value for the price." (Stewart Bannan, UK)

* All lodge information is correct at time of publishing but subject to change by the lodge owner.