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Napo Wildlife Centre Luxury eco-lodge located inside the famous Yasuni National Park. Read more... Samona Lodge Backpackers paradise in the Cuyabeno Reserve!!! Read more... Hakuna Matata Trips from Tena for adventurous travellers. Read more... Kapawi Lodge Head deep into pristine jungle to the Achuar community. Read more... La Selva Lodge Free hotel night in Quito included, and promotional rates available for May, June and Sept departures! Read more... Siona Lodge 15% off of all new bookings made from May 2014 until the end of the year! Read more...

The Amazon Rainforest


About the amazon Jungle

For the intrepid traveler the Amazon Rainforest represents escape into a mysterious world of hidden secrets and micro-level beauty, an intriguing explosion for all the senses, and an experience of nature in its purest form. The Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet, home to an incredible array of plant and animal species as well as extraordinary indigenous Indian cultures. Add to that the fascinating mix of indigenous indian tribes that populate the region, and the mystery of the shaman traditional medicine healer, and you are in for a unique cultural experience too. The Ecuadorian Amazon basin is also the most easily accessible and inexpensive rainforest area in all of South America! The adventure of a lifetime awaits you...

Happy Gringo offers Amazon tours to many different contrasting lodges in different regions of Ecuadorian rainforest. The table below is to help you choose which option is most suitable for your trip:

Lodge Location Price Deep jungle Adventure Community 3day 4day 5day 7day
Amazon Dolphin Pañacocha $ Yes High -  
Huaorani  Ecolodge Shiripuno
$$ Yes High Huaorani  
La Selva Ecolodge Garzacocha $$$ Yes Low/Medium -  
Napo Wildlife Center Coca $$$ Yes Medium/High Quichua  
Sacha Coca $$$ Yes Medium - .  
Sani Coca $$ Yes Medium Sani .  
Yachana Coca $$ No Low/Medium Quichua .  
Yarina Coca $ No Low/Medium Quichua .  
Samona Cuyabeno $ Yes High Siona  
Siona Cuyabeno $ Yes Medium/High Siona .  
Cotococha Tena $ No Low/Medium Quichua .  
Hakuna  Matata Tena $ No High - .  
Kapawi Kapawi $$$ Yes Medium Achuar .  
Deep Amazon Kayaking Shiripuno
$$ Yes High Huaorani      
Jaguar Tracks Shiripuno
$$ Yes High Huaorani      

Price ratings: are based on standard 4day rates except for Deep Amazon Kayaking and Jaguar Tracks which are only available for 7 days.

NOTE - an unavoidable element of any visit to the rainforest is contact with bugs and creepy crawlies - this applies to both simple and luxury lodges alike, and may involve insects inside your room. If this does not sound like something you would like to sign up for then a trip to the rainforest is probably not for you.

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