Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Galapagos Islands Wildlife-The Stars of the Show

Travellers of all ages from scientists who have visited the archipelago many times to first time explorers are amazed by the Galapagos Islands wildlife. The creatures that call the volcanic terrain home roam the land with an untethered gait, welcoming visitors on beaches, in the highlands, and around every bend and corner. Keep reading for some of the Galapagos Islands wildlife that you have a chance to encounter on a trip to the archipelago. Continue reading

shutterstock 10660159 - Little Known Galapagos Islands Facts-The Travellers Edition

Little Known Galapagos Islands Facts-The Travellers Edition

Discovering the Galapagos Islands is reconnecting with the natural world, a journey that has brought travelers including Charles Darwin,  bush league pirates, and the likes of the Cousteau family and David Attenborough to the shores of the archipelago 500 miles off of the Ecuadorian mainland.

While getting there was half the battle for those who made the journey in the past, today’s explorers have a new hurdle to overcome-how to do it and what to see.  Keep reading for some practical advice and Galapagos Islands facts that might help while  making an informed plan for a trip to a place that reaffirms the wonders of the natural world from a first-hand perspective.

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Mashpi Lodge- Family Adventure

Mashpi Lodge-A Luxury Family Adventure

Eva Merkx is one of the driving forces behind Happy Gringo Travel. Her experiences in Ecuador led her to share her passion for travel here with others. Along with her husband Cristian and their two children, Yulia and Hanna, she travels to the four regions of Ecuador-exploring the country in search of outdoor family adventures. This quest recently led to the Mashpi Lodge in the cloud forest northwest of Quito. Keep reading for some in-the-know insights into three days at one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World. The annually updated list showcases stunning locations internationally that combine sustainable tourism with conservation.

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Weekly Events in Quito

The Big List of Weekly Events in Quito

Weekly events in Quito go beyond the normal quips published online and in print and take you into the vibrant culture of the capital city. A thriving local art, music, food, and social scene welcomes visitors who go off the beaten path and dive into the neighborhoods that make discovering the city an urban adventure. Keep reading for the big list of weekly and monthly events that take place in fun spots that put you side-by-side with locals and travelers alike.

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